Stefan Kirsch



Passionate technology advocate, software engineer, team leader and CTO.

Work Experience

  • 2016 – present
    Managing Director / CTO
    Leading the German software engineering branch of Kialo, recruiting more than 25 engineers and other roles, building an office, building a team from the ground up for the new Berlin location, coordinating teams in two sites, setting strategies for continuous improvement and modernization of the tech base and handling technical debt, ongoing agile process improvements and adaptions, supervision of all Kialo business operations in Germany.
  • 2014 – present
    Leading the development of a next generation, highly scalable discussion platform. Designed architecture, introduced best practices, prototyped new implementations, coordinated with design, UX and video agencies. Continuously involved in all aspects of product development. Leading a cross-functional team of 20 software and QA engineers.
  • 2012 – 2014
    TNG Technology Consulting
    Principal Consultant
    Managed development teams of various sizes to modernize legacy code bases and rescue business critical operations. Designed architecture and prototyped implementation. Performed large scale code and architecture reviews in due diligence assessments. Specialized in design and review of enterprise level and web scale architecture and technical team lead.
  • 2008 – 2012
    TNG Technology Consulting
    Senior Consultant
    Maintained business critical mobile network operator software while introducing agile practices. Created rules engines integrations into enterprise grade mediation software to support CEP use cases. Consulted businesses during introduction of agile development practices.
  • 2001 – 2008
    Working Student
    Developed database API software for embedded automotive navigation systems. Technical representative in an automotive standardization initiative.


2001 – 2008
University Regensburg
M.Sc. (German Diploma) Physics


Efficient route calculation by means of physical optimization algorithms
Grade: 1.43


German – Native
English – Fluent